Here's Some of My Music

Below is  my February 2017 CD, "Do What Your Heart Says To".   It got some very positive reviews, some of which are excerpted on this website, along with a good bit of radio play.  In fact, it made it to Number 1 on the "Roots Music Report" R&B Album Charts! 

My first CD, "Crawstickers," was released in 2011. The second, "Advice From A Father to A Son" was released in 2013.  In September of 2017, the same year as "Do What Your Heart Says To,"  I also released  a double disk live CD "Alive and Ornery."   "Rise Up" will be out in March 2019.  And I already have a pile of songs cut for the next one after that...  

You can listen to  all of them on I-tunes and Spotify, et.c., and buy the physical CDs on  CD Baby.

And because I'm a nice guy, and because you've read this far, you can download full, uncompressed audio of "Do What Your Heart Says To," below.  Or just listen to it from the website....



Do What Your Heart Says To

Scott Ramminger

Featuring 14 of Ramminger’s original tunes, DO WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS TO moves through a series of infectious funk, blues, and R&B grooves that all serve as a backdrop for his sideways observations about life.

Singing with Ramminger on the record are Tommy Malone of Subdudes fame; Bekka Bramlett, who among other things took over for several years for Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac; The McCrary Sisters, who have sung with everyone from Dr. John to Bob Dylan; Francine Reed, famous as Lyle Lovett’s duet partner and backing vocalist; Janiva Magness, whose album, "Love Wins Again," was just nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Blues Album category; and Roddie Romero of the rollicking Hub City Allstars (who also contributes some accordion to the track on which he sings).

The CD’s all-star New Orleans rhythm section includes Shane Theriot on guitar, David Torkanowsky on keys. George Porter, Jr. on bass,; and Doug Belote on drums -- with two tracks featuring Roland Guerin on bass and Johnny Vidacovich on drums. Several tunes also include New Orleans trombone-slingers, Rick Trolsen and Greg Hicks, along with trumpeter Eric Lucero. In addition to his writing, singing, and producing, Ramminger supplies the tenor and baritone saxophone on the record.

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