"Any record that lists such top flight players as pianist David Torkanowksy, guitarist Shane Theriot, bassist George Porter Jr. and drummer Johnny Vidacovich is bound to have its thrills regardless of whose name isemblazoned on the cover. This one is no exception, even considering its frontman is really a DC-based saxman. But Scott Ramminger’s got enough cred—not only with his own New Orleans-influenced Crawstickers but by holding his own as an instrumentalist, vocalist and writer." -- Offbeat, March 2013 

“Saxophonist Scott Ramminger is based out of D.C., but his soul's in New Orleans. For this outing, he's got the heartbeat of that city well represented with some of the Crescent City's finest funksters and groovemen backing him on seven of the ten original cuts.”  -- No Depression, 2/24/13 

“The Alabama-born singer, songwriter and saxophonist keeps a bluesy New Orleans flavor boiling throughout his sophomore album, which was recorded in the Crescent City, Nashville and Washington, D.C.”.  -- 2/22/13 -- Gary Graff, The Oakland (CA) Press 

Scott is a triple threat. He is a vocalist who brings warmth, depth of feeling, and humor, an able saxophonist who plays solidly in the vein of a Lee Allen or Red Tyler and a songwriter whose ability to craft songs together is quite notable -- Ron Weinstock,  In A Blue Mood -- March 2013 

"My favorites include the funky duet with Regina McCrary, 'Take a Walk in the Other Man's Shoes;'  the Big Easy jammin' title song; and the reggae-flavored 'Sometimes You Race the Devil.'  Fans of Crescent City jam and great sax should enjoy this disc." -- Ricky Flake, Biloxi (Mississippi) Sun-Herald, Feb. 28, 2013 

"Three Stars (***) "Ramminger brings honest wit to entertaining original songs, mainly about domestic squabbles...  Some of the leading roots musicians in the Mid-Atlantic area help him out." -- Downbeat Magazine,  March 2012 

"What a treat this album is.  Instead of a guitar based format, Scott Ramminger, singer/songwriter and bandleader is a saxophonist, playing tenor, baritone, and alto sax throughout.   And what a joy to hear Ramminger strutting his stuff through 11 original songs that  veer from slow blues, boogie woogie, and shuffle to the Mardi Gras groove of 'Real Fine Gumbo.'" -- Blues Matters Magazine, March 2012 

“Scott Ramminger takes off with a bang in the title track for 'Crawstickers'. The fuse lit, the band produces a beat driven boogie with sax, organ and piano feeding the fire riff by riff . . . Scott steers with a firm hand, owning microphone bragging rights with low slung delivery that fits the Dixie mix of blues, soul and roots rock with which the band testifies.”  -- The Alternate Root Magazine, 

“Ramminger puts a modern twist on Southern influenced textures emblematic of Robert Cray and John Lee Hooker as he invites audiences to be a part of the music.. . .  A hearty dose of Americana-driven melodies that leave the audience wanting more. -- Yahoo Entertainment 

"This excellent CD explores a number of different musical directions, but in the all songs you hear that the blues had a strong influence on the music of Ramminger.   . . .My conclusion is clear: I have enjoyed this cd very much.  So go ahead and buy it!"  -- Rootstime Magazine